Saturday, 13 February 2016

Paul & Joe Summer 2016

Here's a look at the Paul & Joe Summer 2016 collection due out on 1 May in Japan. It is supposed to be a French retro theme but the collection comes off looking rather insipid. Pics by Osadanna.

1. Lip Stick L: Clear version of last year's bestselling cat lipstick. (2000yen, 3 LE shades)

2. Lipstick Case A 001 (1000yen)

3. Face & Eye Color Palette: 3 variations (4000yen)

4. Sun Protection Body Mist SPF20 PA++ (1800yen, 60ml)

Addiction Summer 2016

Here are the new products that Addiction will be releasing for Summer 2016 in Japan:

1 April

1. Tinted Lip Protector + More SPF20: This improved version of the Tinted Lip Protector can be used as lip and face color. Formulated with rosehip oil, organic olive seed oil and shea butter, plus juniper berry and geranium rose scent. (2500yen)

2. Nail Polish: 6 LE shades inspired by the Hamptons summer - Park Avenue Princess, Never Ending Summer, Hampton Bay, Canal Cafe, Montauk Wind and The Hamptons (1800yen)

6 May

1. Skin Protector Face & Body SPF35 PA+++: Fragrance-free, this is formulated with rosehip oil, meadowfoam oil and centifolia rose extract (3500yen, 120g)

2. Sparkling Mascara WP: 5 LE shades (3200yen)

1 July

1. Nail Top Coat: 5 LE shades Red Glaze, Pink Glaze, Green Glaze, Blue Glaze and Burgundy Glaze (1800yen)

Jill Stuart Summer 2016 Romantic Marine

Here are the details of the Jill Stuart marine-themed Summer 2016 makeup collection to be released on 8 April in Japan:

1. Mix Blush Compact UV Veil SPF20 PA++: Essence-in-base formula gives this a velvety semi-matte finish that melds into the skin. 2 variations with the brand's signature crystal bouquet scent. This appears to be the first time that Jill Stuart has made a blush with sun protection. (4500yen, LE)

2. Ribbon Couture Eyes #12 Private Marine and #13 Shell Beach (5000yen, LE)

3. Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer 01 Cranberry Syrup, 02 Blood Orange Juice, 03 Camu Camu Smoothie, 04 Peachy Compote, 05 Strawberry Float and 06 Grape Juice. All are permanent except 06. (2800yen, 10ml)

4. Shell Nuance Eyelid Liner 01 Sunlit Dew (pearl white), 02 Sunlit Shell (pearl pink) and 03 Twilight Cruise (night blue) (2200yen, LE)

5. Pouch (Romantic Marine) (3800yen)

6. Horoscope Nails 04 Properous Taurus and 05 Clever Gemini (due out on 6 May) (1800yen, 10ml)

7. Nail Lacquer R 43 Cotton Pearl (LE), 44 Sweet Actress and 45 Love Shower (1500yen)

8. Nail Art Liner 05 Pinkish Bordeaux, 06 French White and 07 Marine Navy (1500yen, LE)

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Three Opening in Malaysia

Following its ventures into Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, Three will be opening its first overseas concept store next in Malaysia on 15 April. Located at the Pavilion shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, the holistic beauty and lifestyle store will stock all of Three's product lines which span makeup, skincare, haircare, accessories and health supplements. Three also plans to open two to three counters in Malaysia within this year.